Friday, June 02, 2006


i just got a nice little typed up letter from my landlord.

erin, i am very sorry, it says. but you are going to have to find a new home for miete. MY DOGS NAME IS MIETTE WITH TWO TEES IT IS FRENCH COME ON YOU FAT CANADIAN WHORE I THOUGHT YOU FUCKERS SPOKE FRENCH THERE.

i just found out that my homeowner's insurance policy will not permit pit bulls on the premises without a very expensive extra policy, it says. IS THIS REALLY MY FAULT THAT SHE LACKED KNOWLEDGE OF HER OWN INSURANCE POLICY WHEN I MOVED IN SEVEN MONTHS AGO???

what the fuck. now i have to go research on my tenants rights when i already have two stupid jobs right now that i hate and that are totally taking over my life and making me want to kill myself. i don't have time for this shit. maybe i should just kill the landlord.

tony told me i should jill off before writing. probably that was some sage advice i should have taken.

anybody in chicago want a roomate? hey pants, want to move to chicago and be homeless and live under a bridge with me?
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