Thursday, June 15, 2006

blah blah i'm bored

i think i'm manic.

i am talking to a robot on the phone right now. like it's seriously interacting with me. oh god.

i went to a fucking awesome show with my brother on friday we drove seven hours to see it and it was FUCKING AWESOME like jumping up and down screaming for two straight hours awesome. like didn't even leave the floor for five minutes to get a drink awesome. then we drove home. i drank a lot of coffee.

yikes i just tried to find a picture of this crazy smasher thing by googling a bunch of shit and i saw the most fucking disturbing thing of my life. google 'construction machine' at your own risk. google images or whatever. please tell me why in the fuck the second image under 'construction machine' is a picture of a guy with his entire face ripped off.

my brother brought his ipod. I AM CAPTIAN RADIO! i said. we listened to a lot of pigeon john. HEY ERIC DID YOU KNOW PIGEON JOHN IS DATING YOUR SISTER? I'M FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAH.

one time when he was like four he was mad at me and he took a giant peice of styrofoam and wrote HA HA YOU ARE SO FUNNY HA HA HA on it and he kept holding it up at me and wouldn't talk. what a fucking sarcastic four year old. thank god he got to bask in my awesomeness during his formative years i guess.

one day maybe a guy will write 'HA HA SO FUCKING HILARIOUS' on his arm and clothesline me with it. then i will fall in love with him.
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