Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what me work?

i was reading this message board i totally lurk around on and never post today and fucking jana made the message board what the fuck YOU SO FAMOUS.

i am reading a heartbreaking work of staggering genius right now. i like it okay but i think i am supposed to pretend like i don't or something because isn't dave eggers supposed to be some kind of pretentious hipster extroidonaire? apparently this book was a pulitzer prize finalist. when i write a book i am not going to have a sticker on the cover proclaiming my lack of pulitzer prize CLOSE ONLY COUNTS IN HORSESHOES AND HAND GRENADES DAVE EGGERS. usually when i read books that win awards it makes me think i should write books and win awards.

all you have to do to be able to write is to be totally self absorbed and remember every single thing that ever happens to you and then write about it like it happened to other people but make it come out better and make it like meaningful or something instead of stupid and boring.

also if i ever write a book i am not going to have some ugly cover art on it. i am so shallow that i judge a book by its cover. like literally. like now that memoirs of a geisha is a movie that pretty much determines that i will never ever read it because hello, if someone on the train saw me reading a book with ziyi zhang on the cover? and it says NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE? uh no not going to happen.
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