Sunday, May 14, 2006

what the fuck happened to music

yesterday i heard a tool song. vicarious. because i was listening to the radio because i do that sometimes in case they play something i could like on there which they never do. and then tool came on and i almost threw up on my steering wheel and then i remembered wait that's ignorant i've never even heard tool before. then i convinced myself wait what if i could actually like tool. now i can tell you with absolute certainty that after vicarious that whisper song sounded fucking good as hell. like when a fat ugly girl has a skinny friend that is actually also fairly hideous but somehow looks hot next to the fat one. that is what happens when the yin yang twins stand next to tool. suddenly i want to bone the yin yang twins. this is what happens when i try to be open minded. now my standards for music have been lowered to the point that a song consisting of a dude whispering sounds good to me.
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