Saturday, May 20, 2006

what am i doing tonight? probably just chilling with clyde--oops i think my phone just dropped your call.

i already knew my cellphone barely works inside my apartment which is actually awesome because when i get sick of talking to people i just hang up on them because duh my cellphone barely works inside my apartment. anyway apparently it barely works outside my apartment either like on the porch or in the general vicinity of my house which i decided is because the place is like seven hundred years old and it's like 'i'm old there is no way i'm letting someone use that new shit inside of me especially when that new shit is a cellphone that is called a RAZR and looks like it came from the future OH HELL NO!'

i like how i give human properties like old fashioned fussbudgetry to inanimate objects like my apartment. i forget what that is called but i'm pretty sure it's a product of pre-rational thought. probably i should just give my apartment a name and start talking out loud to it.

clyde, i would say, i think you really need to step into the new millenium dude. all this resistance to modern technology is really very silly. and then my cellphone would magically work and i could go back to ignoring my calls because i am too busy chilling with clyde the magical appartment. great use of the word magical two times in one sentence. note to self: LEARN MORE ADJECTIVES.
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