Monday, May 29, 2006

saturday we couldn't find parking at the museum so we decided to go to detroit instead. here is how you get to detroit. follow the signs that say detroit.

i drank a lot of coffee and peed a lot. we almost got pulled over three times. i ate a big mac in the car.

sunday was funny because i was so fucked up. i think i started drinking at 10am. i ate an omlet with gravy on it at the motown grille. we walked to the festival and drank vodka out of water bottles. actually i think we were drinking vodka out of plastic hotel cups. i realized i was drunk and so i had some stimulants. i don't really remember like the next four hours. then at 3am i was sitting in some bar in detroit by myself and some girl told me i looked sad. and then a different girl asked me if i needed any pills. and then some guy asked me for the cellophane from my cigarettes and asked me when my birthday was. also there was a wheelchair guy getting carried up the stairs in his wheelchair.

also on sunday i wanted to hear mark grant but did i get to hear mark grant no i did not. luckily i had been drunk for seven hours by that time so i didn't actually care at all. also i found a binary star flyer and for some reason freaked out and called my brother and according to my phone i left a two minute message. what in the fuck could i have possibly been talking about for two minutes i have no idea.

our hotel smelled like pine sol like so much i felt like it was choking me. also there were condom wrappers on our beds. also everything in the entire room was lopsided or slanted or something. people were slip and sliding in the hallway.

now i need to take a shower because my one arm totally smells like the days in for some reason and it's freaking me out.
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