Thursday, May 18, 2006

people even less cool then me

i have to build this stupid test on the computer and i don't know how. except i am pretending like i do because apparently i built some tests last year. oh yeah now i remember. not. luckily i have a manual. and the manual is showing my how to build a test using the fictional test case GANDALF TEST. what a fucking shock that the person who wrote a manual on a test writing program was a total geek.

also on elimidate yesterday this girl said she liked dorks which seemed pretty normal until she made the dude put on her glasses and started talking about how the hottest sex ever was when she made her ex boyfriend draw a lightning bolt on his head and put on a harry potter cape. that really happened.

also the girl that won said that she did not like to read or rather that she only read cool shit like peoples magazine. that is not a typo she actually said peoples or people's magazine. and then she called everyone else nerds and made fun of them because they liked to read. also she had huge tits but at the same time looked like a man. it reminded me of that one aphex twin cd.
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