Wednesday, May 10, 2006

aren't we all lesbians deep down?

i'm supposed to be writing papers right now but instead i'm taking a what kind of lesbian are you quiz oh i'm sorry what kindA lesbian are you oh my god people that write kinda are so cute NOT. apparently i am a LOUD lesbian totally proud of my gayness and giving all the straight girls dirty looks because they are TOTALLY MISSING OUT.

that is awesome except i am not a lesbian so i guess i am LOUD AND STR8. haha str8 and lowd omg lolz.

too bad being totally proud of my straightness and giving all the lesbos dirty looks because they are TOTALLY MISSING OUT ON THE COCK makes me sound like a raging homophobe nympho. wow. i'm glad people don't like persecute me because of who i like to fuck otherwise i would have to be proud of my sexuality and shit like in order to balance out all the hatred bestowed upon me by like the 70 percent of our nation. because being proud of who you want to bang makes seriously no sense. maybe one day in our fine nation people will be able to bang whoever they want without having to think all deeply about it and shit. probably not.

hi my name is erin i have a final exam in the morning time to think deeply about lesbians.
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