Friday, April 21, 2006

this is why you shouldn't listen to people

when i was little i wanted to be a lawyer and then someone told me no you just think you want to be a lawyer because you watch so much law and order or something in reality it's not like you're going to be a district attorney you would end up like in divorce court or something and you would totally hate it. and i was like huh that is some sage advice.

too bad now that i am old and wise i can say that is VERY FUCKING NOT AT ALL SAGE advice and if i remembered what idiot told me it i would probably punch them in the face for not giving me enough credit because honestly was i ever stupid enough to think i liked something because i like to watch it on tv i mean i like to watch elimidate on tv and it's not like i ever thought i wanted to become a professional drunken whore WHAT THE FUCK! and why the fuck wouldn't it be like i could be a district attorney i can be whatever the fuck i want to be what kind of low fucking self esteem did i have when some idiot told me this that i'd be like yeah you're right it's not like i'd be a district attorney i should have been like wait WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CRUSH AN EIGHT YEAR OLD'S DREAMS??? i mean really who does that. oh wait probably my mom. too bad that was probably the year i tried to convince my mom she should run for president and i seriously thought she would win. it must be nice to have someone with such blind faith in you NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW THANKS A LOT MOM.

and then my mom wanted me to be a writer. because i guess that is totally realistic. i should have been like IT'S NOT LIKE I'D WRITE THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL OR SOMETHING I WOULD END UP WRITING FOR THE J CREW CATALOUGE AND I WOULD HATE IT.

and this was during the same time that my brother decided he wanted to be a candy bar when he grew up and my mom was like 'oh, isn't that great!' seriously what the fuck.
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