Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this is my life.

today the kid next to me on the train was reading a screenplay probalby the stupidest screenplay ever and writing notes on it like he probably is a film student at columbia and this is his friends stupid as hell script and they are going to totally make a film man. the stupidest film of all time. and their stupid as hell theatre friends from high school that never went to college and work at applebee's are going to totally over act in it and make it even more stupid. also when he was writing the notes i'm pretty sure he was trying to make them extra meaningful and intelligent or something because i was blatantly leaning over his shoulder reading them and he wanted me to know that he is an artistic genius and people give him their screenplays to read because he is that amazing.

i am so glad i can tell everything about everyone by sitting next to them on the train i should write a screenplay about a girl that thinks she has super esp powers but in reality just thinks way to hard about stupid things.

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