Saturday, April 29, 2006

my new name is fleabag.

i haven't washed my hair since wednesday and i'm sitting around rubbing hair grease all over my head I AM SO AWESOME.

also i have fleas. in case you forgot. i think they are bird fleas from standing over dead pigeons barefoot for twenty minutes taking pictures.

having fleas was pretty cool at first because if you can't think of anything else to say you can say I HAVE FLEAS. i mean really not a lot of people have fleas so that is interesting. also then some people are like EW THAT'S WEIRD and then you know it is time to stop talking to those people because obviously they are l a m e. the fleas are getting totally boring though.

one time i lived with this kid that never took showers so i think that really helped me not realize that i am totally s l e a z e. apparently normal people take showers like every day. i did not know that. i went to that kid's funeral on wednesday. they gave him a gay haircut and put beige lip gloss on him. too bad i am not religious so i could have kneeled down in front of his casket and crossed myself instead of standing there horrified wanting to mess up his hair.
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