Thursday, March 23, 2006

this birth control is making me mental

this birth control has i think way too much estrogen in it because it is making me totally mental i don't think my body produces estrogen naturally or something and that is why i have no emotions maybe and also no tits.

one time in seventh grade this guy asked me out on the bus and i said no and he was like FINE YOU FLAT BITCH. this is when i learned tits are not important because guys will still ask you out and they don't care how flat you are until you say no and then they are like WHATEVER SHE HAS NO TITS ANYWAY.

i found a shoebox full of cards and one of them had fifty dollars in it. things i can buy with fifty dollars: 1 bottle of black cherry and vanilla effen vodka 2 liters of sprite 2 packs of cigarettes. also i found a picture of a live skeleton dog that luke drew and it made me want to cry probably because i am mental due to unfamiliar estrogen coursing through my veins next i am probably going to start watching grey's anatomy with a box of tissues and wanting to have a baby or something. when can i get back on my low dose birth control HOPEFULLY BEFORE I TURN INTO THAT BITCH KATHY FROM THE COMICS.

also my skin looks so bad that i do not want to leave the house except for some bizzare reason i get really excited to see my friends and i'm like dude look how fucking sick this is i'm ugly now. pretty soon i won't even need birth control because nobody will want to fuck me but then when i get off it and i'm all sane and cute looking i will get pregnant and my life will be ruined BEING A GIRL IS SO HARD.

time to go wash my face and look in the mirror and tell myself i know that i am beautiful. and cry.
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