Tuesday, March 28, 2006

oh my god i'm so boring i could just die

i have ugly hair and i'm getting it cut today and i don't really care what oliver does to it i guess whatever he wants is cool. that's the dude's name that's cutting my hair. oliver. last time i had a dude cut my hair i was like 8 and his name was tom and my friend jenny was like OH MY GOD YOU HAVE YOUR HAIR CUT BY A GUY ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH HIM and then she said something about does he put a bow in your pussy hair or something. pssh come on jenny everybody knows eight year olds do not have pussy hair. that is what i would have said if i was as cool when i was eight as i am right now. probably what i said in reality was NUH UH! and then tom died of aids TRUE STORY. anyway my hair is probalby going to look all fucked up and then i'll have to go to walgreens and get bobby pins and like pomade and shit so i can try to look like a normal person until it grows back. also i have a camera now so i can show you a picture of it later. except when this guy gave me this camera he was all asking me if it had the right cord or something and i'm like uh yeah there was a cord i think and now hell if i know what i did with the fucking cord so i might not be able to show it to you. if you ask me it is a miracle that i'm still alive given how fucking irresponsible i am. it's a good thing i've never caught on fire because i would probalby be like whatever i'll stop drop and roll later like maybe tomorrow or something.
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