Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my best friend is a blog

having a blog for a best friend is the wave of the future.

yes my best friend is a blog.

i just found out my best blog is going to brazil. distance aint nothing but a number when your best friend is a blog. my best blog is with me always.

sometimes my best blog visits my blog and leaves me comments like UM I THINK YOU FORGOT THE APOSTROPHE IN AIN'T. and then i am like UH THAT WAS INTENTIONAL I CAN NOT GET BEHIND APOSTROPHIZING AINT. AI NOT? THAT SHIT MAKES NO SENSE!

see even when my best blog doesn't leave comments i can imagine them and then i can imagine my replies to them IT'S LIKE I'M LIVING IN THE FUTURE. the future where i will never be lonely because i can pretend like i'm two people and argue with myself. that is what all the sane people do.
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