Thursday, March 02, 2006

i went to the gynecologist today or yesterday or something. remember last time i went? and the lady fingered me dry? and then i learned what it felt like to get raped or whatever?

yeah so i totally got fucked this morning. awesome i was pretty much hoping the gynecolgist was going to be like woah when was the last time you had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE and i would be like oh i don't know probably like an hour and twenty four minutes ago. she didn't say anything though. what the fuuuck.

then i had lunch with a vietnamese genius and discussed like meta analysis or something. obviously when you put the word meta in front of something you are a fucking genius. this guy wants to be my advisor like he's applying for the job of my dead advisor and the best part was when he was like i'm not half the psychometrician that your dead advisor was and i'm like yeah duh so anyway and then he fell down the stairs. i hope he gets the job.

before lunch he gave a lecture and i almost started crying during it because i was like oh my god this guy is not a nam no way and then i realized nam was 30 once and giving a lecture in front of a bunch of students like me i wonder if they recognized greatness in him and yeah so i almost started crying. and then later i walked past his lab and it says like 'nam's lab' or some shit on there and i was like oh my god if this guy gets the job that shit is going to be all 'le's lab.' and then i almost started crying for the second time. i like how i don't cry when my relatives die but then i am like an emotional wreck for months when my advisor dies BECAUSE HE WAS SMART. if you're not an academic i can't explain this shit to you. it is devestating. sometimes i have a dream that i am in heaven guess who is there a bunch of fucking psychometricians oh my god i am such a fucking geek and guess what is always playing in heaven, paul simon. AND WHEN THE RADICAL PREIST COME AND GET ME RELEASED WE WAS ALL ON THE COVER OF NEWSWEEK. fuck yes.

then i went to class for six hours oh man that shit was fucking stupid. thank god we get to watch the office in class next week. and not the fucking stupid as hell american version. because my fucking professor for that class is all depressed or something and we are like OH MY GOD CAN WE WATCH THE OFFICE IN CLASS and she is like ok. except she's welsh so when she says okay it sounds fucking cute as hell.

of course i'm drunk right now because what the fuck else do you do after school besides get completely trashed? thank god more alcohol is on the way i am on my way to drunken blackouts goodnight.
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