Tuesday, March 21, 2006

blah blah blah

i saw my friend scott this weekend that i met in the dorm actually i met him on the elevator i think and he was like HEY YOU WANNA GO PULL BONGS and i was like um YES because it was like the first week of school and everyone was lame. i am awesome and also it took me six years to finish college. then in like 1999 scott's house burned down because he left a candle burning and i lived next door and my friends came and woke me up like OH MY GOD SCOTT'S HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN CALL 911 and i was like fuck off i am not falling for this shit. but actually the house WAS burning down and scott was like NO i did NOT leave a candle burning and then like three years later he was like huh huh huh i totally burned down my own house with a candle do you guys believe it and we were like DUH RETARD EVERYONE KNEW THAT LIKE THREE YEARS AGO.

then i got a ride with this other guy i went to college with and he made chicken and potatos and bacon at like four in the morning and we watched super old star trek and i slept on the couch. also this other kid was there that i used to be roommates with and he was wearing a pink scarf and i probably should have asked him if he remembered how we secretly hated each other and pretended not to except he probably would have been like i never hated you and then i could have been like huh. because i am one of idiots that is pretty sure everyone hates them and then like acts all shy and people are like WHAT A BITCH! also this kid was like all wanting to hang out with my uncle because my uncle is a photographer and also famous and a genius. plus insane.

people are shocked that i don't smoke weed anymore because i used to be THAT GIRL. uh, mila jovovich in dazed and confused. that used to be me sitting on some guys bed smoking weed and watching the warriors for nineteen hours every day. and not talking except for smart ass comments every hour and forty five. maybe i should start smoking weed again except i'm pretty sure it would give me a panic attack because i am high strung.
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