Thursday, February 09, 2006

yeah i totally watch general hospitol five days a week now pay me my $75.

i'm doing a focus group about soap operas tomorrow. GENERAL HOSPITOL! so i watched it today like for research because i am all about being the best general hospitol panel member i can be. i am totally going to be like OMG DO YOU GUYS BELIEVE THEY GOT A NEW CARLY WTF! and then some twenty two year old divorcee with a perm is going to be like I KNOW WTF! and then i am going to discuss how soap opera sex scenes are totally gay. seriously. dag i wish my camera wasn't broken i totally want to take a picture of my fellow general hospitol panel members i bet there's going to be a lot of elastic waist jeans. never before have i been instructed to dress business casual for a focus group. probably because they don't want me to show up with baby food all over my wolverines sweatshirt or whatever. and i get paid $75 to do this this is going to be the best shit ever.
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