Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i love you more than i love cigarettes. not.

i am running out of cigarettes. who wants to come and bring me cigarettes? you can have a pbr and i can have a cigarette. i will wear my zebra slippers and we can sit on the porch and i can listen to the rain and you can listen to me smoke a cigarette. i smoke very loudly. smoking cigarettes is so satisfying. they make me smarter when i study. i am sure they make me more intriguiging when i am alone and strangers are watching me stare at the smoke as it rolls off the end. and puffs of smoke can punctuate and italicize your words when you are angry and you smoke dramatically. this from the girl that hates commas. cigarette smoke death comma i love you. a cigarette after you've been swimming in the agean sea and you're cold and warm all at once and you can feel the sun drying beads of water all over your body a cigarette then is delicious and it tastes oddly american like barbecue for some reason. if i don't have a lighter i will light my next cigarette off the one still burning that i haven't finished yet. i am young. do all little kids pretend to smoke cigarettes in the winter while they watch their breath come out like a fireball and chill and disintegrate? i always had a pencil in my mouth when i was little. still i bite my nails. cigarettes i love you. who wants to come and bring me cigarettes? i am running out of cigarettes.
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