Saturday, February 04, 2006

follow me down

your boss is a fucking alcoholic lives with his ex because he can't afford alimony members only jacket wearing drunk at work and never knows what's going on fucking idiot and it's cold outside and getting dark at three and it's snowing snowing snowing it's never going to stop snowing and you put on your headphones and pull your hood over them and you squeeze a choke chain over the dog's big beautiful fawn colored head and you can't get the door to shut behind you it barely fits in the frame and you're tired and just want to die. the snowflakes are like spiders except they get stuck in your eyelashes and melt down your face and make you feel like you are crying which you kind of feel like and and you hit play. sometimes some people want to hold you down just because they know you're made for bigger and better things. sometimes some people want to hold me down LARRY GATES. and the dog wants to run he is zig zagging across you and he looks back at you like please. this is the most beautiful dog on the planet and you tell him you're made for bigger and better things. and he tells you i know. hit repeat and walk faster it's not as cold as it seems and the faster you walk soon the volume is all the way up and you're running and you run through the lagoon and drop the leash and throw yourself into a snowbank and the dog jumps on top of you and bites your arm and starts thrashing it around and you are laughing and shreiking PLEASE DON'T PULL MY ARM OFF and thank god nobody is around because you are a stark raving lunatic rolling in the snow with a dog like it's 1986. and you get up and there's snow in your shirt but it feels okay because you're running now and you push the dog into the snow and the dog pushes you into the snow and you scream at the dog and run faster until you run up your steps and you're standing on the porch trying to breathe and you love that dog.

2001 - 2006. i've had hoodies longer.
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