Thursday, February 02, 2006

don't you want me to tell you

i was reading magazines today and i decided people should pay me to write magazines. then i remembered i already decided that like a year ago. remember when i wanted to write a magazine called honesty magazine? and it was going to have articles in there about how your makeup doesn't look good and your friends hate your stupid voicemails you leave them? and then i did? and then it died? i am going to start doing that again.

also where the fuck did all my comments go? because i definitely got a comment from raymi on that post and i was all ASKDHGLAK;DG!!KA;HGDL! FAMOUS INTERNET CELEBRITIES THINK I AM FUNNY! good thing my memory is like a fucking card catalouge or that precious trip down memory bliss would be lost forever in haloscan hell.

here's an honesty magazine memo to myself: you are not fooling anyone when your shoes are plastic and the paint starts to wear off and you color them with a sharpie. everyone knows your shoes are cheap get some new shoes you impoverished bitch.
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