Saturday, January 14, 2006

thunder cats HO-OOOOOOO

i ended up at this loft in pilsen at like six in the morning everyone else was in this other room and lora and i were in the giant enormous main part and we climbed up on this scaffolding and were sitting there drinking wine and A FUCKING OCELOT WALKED ACROSS THE ROOM i am not kidding.

i was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. yes my friend has a jungle cat. WHAT THE FUCK. of course we were yelling about it and this girl comes out and is like ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME? paranoia. NO THERE IS A JUNGLE CAT IN HERE AND I AM NOT LYING.

i totally took the thirty foot leap down in heels to chase it around the loft shrieking OH MY GOD ARE YOU AN OCELOT PLEASE LET ME PHOTOGRAPH YOU. i subsequently became either everyone's hero or the most annoying person ever the end.
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