Monday, January 09, 2006

look at us we're gorgeous

uh. i went to a party this weekend. at like 4am. in a huge empty abandoned building. jungle upstairs. jungle downstairs. weird ass films projected all over the walls. uh. i think i went to a rave party this weekend. A RAVE PARTY. except it was in the city and not out in harvey or whatever and no one there was like fifteen and wearing angel wings. oh my god it was the best shit ever. then i ate i don't know probably a greasy skillet or whatever at fucking hollywood grill.

then i got my flask out of my giant old lady purse and made us all screwdrivers for breakfast and decided the smoking ban didn't apply to me. then we went to the awesomest apartment ever and i drank all their alcohol and smoked all their cigarettes. smoke till your lungs bleed. this apartment was seriously so fucking awesome. everything was white and gray and orange and looked like the future.

also in the begining we were at this bar that was so fucking packed i couldn't even smoke a cigarette because there was seriously not enough room for me to like bring a cigarette to my mouth. also i was fucking irritated because there were a bunch of people dancing like they were in fifth grade and i am a fucking bitch and i get irritated when people dance like retarded people do where it's pretty much swaying side to side with maybe some foot shuffling and like clapping. if you are doing that and also have the european mullet i know you are not here to see daniel bell you are here because you are a hipster and you are making it more crowded and sweaty than it has to be and i hate you. then i got recognized twice because i'm famous. hey i know you aren't you the girl that worked at that one gas station? yes. free drinks for the girl that worked at that one gas station. i can not turn down a free drink. neither can andy.

that is not actually a members only jacket.

sometimes i feel like i am moving backwards in time. and sometimes i know that i am killing myself. i fucking love my life so much right now.
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