Friday, January 13, 2006

like you care

last night i dreamed i was blind and also shooting people. then xani bar woke up and was like WOAH I JUST HAD THE COOLEST DREAM EVER ABOUT A FLESH EATING VIRUS. one time she dreamed about a giant bunny and she was terrified.

in my dream i was blind and also kidnapped by some ugly people in a rusty old car. except it wasn't me i wasn't even actually in the dream. then later i became the girl. i love when people tell me about their dreams and they make all this sense and i have to tell them they're lying because seriously people who tell you about these dreams that are all logical are liars. also people that tell you about their dreams are fucking boring. that shit is interesting to them only. except for my dreams because they are about being blind and also shooting people and driving a car while blind.

then i found out depressed people can benefit from sleep deprivation so i might open a clinic to teach depressed people how to regulate their sleep so they can wake themselves up when they get to the rem stage or whatever. because that was the whole key to the sleep deprivation thing. this is not a dream this was in real life. first i have to teach myself how to do that then i can teach other people and millions of depressed people will give me money to do this and also i will write a book and it will be a top seller because everybody is SOOOO DEPRESSED. also all the pharmeceutical companies will put a hit out on me but i will be so rich i will drive around in a bulletproof car all the time. also there will be side effects to my method like probably early death.
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