Monday, January 23, 2006

i'm past the point of concern it's time to play

i think i chewed a hole threw my lip this weekend so i now have herpes or i now look like i have herpes rather. how am i going to make new best friends forever nobody is going to want to share their vodka redbulls with me in the bathroom while i drunkenly tell them their ex boyfriend is a retard. i look infectious.

of course i couldn't stop chewing on it because what the fuck it hurt but it wasn't like i could feel my pulse in it or whatever. i bet i could make a metaphor for life out of this lip biting thing. i'll do that later.

i totally threw up in this kid's sink this weekend because i was as drunk as probably a person that is about to die of alcohol poisoning. also i don't know what i ate but it looked like dead leaves and i did a horrible job of drunkenly cleaning it up. then the next day i wanted to die like really wanted to die. you know like how you wanted to die when you were 14. like when you scream around your room listening to your dad's guns'n'roses cd and breaking things and then you try to suffocate yourself when that song 14 years or whatever comes on because woah you're 14 years old. and your mom won't give you any bus money and how the fuck are you supposed to meet your friends up for a hot dog or whatever. fourteen years that are gone forever that i'll never have again. or something.
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