Monday, January 30, 2006

if you love something, let it go. if it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it.

some guy wrote that in his diary of murder. my brother got me the encyclopedia of serial killers for christmas and i fucking love it. reading about serial killers is seriously fucking hilarious. the guy with the murder diary lived on a renaissance commune i'm not even kidding and there were goats running around dressed up as unicorns. what the fuck. then when he got arrested for making a million snuff films or whatever he popped a cyanide capsule out of his secret belt buckle compartment and commited suicide while he was being questioned.

so anyway this guy was from san fransisco and his hippie mother tried to teach him pride in the human body by having him take naked pictures of his sisters. this is what i learned from this book. please do not make your children do weird shit because they will grow up insane. like this german kid that lived in one room with like all 12 people in his family and his dad would go all crazy and pretty much rape his mom in front of all of them and then later after the kid got tired of molesting all his sisters he started killing tons of people. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.

oh yeah also the first guy didn't even kill all the girls on the films but for some reason nobody turned him in. too bad if some guy raped and tortured me on film i would probably call the police the second i got out of there even if i was running down the street naked and bloody i would probalby be on the phone before putting clothes on. seriously what the fuck is wrong with people.
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