Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i lie

sometimes when i'm alone listening to depeche mode i cry my eyeliner all over my face and lightly drag razor blades up and down my wrists.

i used to lie to my diary.

when i write i have an alter ego that wears glasses and chews on her hair.

i'm pretty much dying for someone to tell me what to do but i don't think i'll ever find anyone that can.

if i've never been extremely cruel to you i probably don't like you that much.

i can't sleep in bed next to a guy without dreaming i'm fucking him.

sometimes i wonder how it would be to drown. i think i'll find out one day. i won't leave a note.

i love smoking cigarettes because it reminds me that i'm breathing thus a l i v e.

never learned how to ride a bike.

have you ever read cities of the red night i have that disease. the human virus.

until i was about 20 i was insanely fearful that i would start showing symptoms of schizophrenia at any moment.

i had an abortion in istanbul. it hurt.

i think like five or six of these are true.
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