Monday, January 30, 2006

i bet you didn't know you can get ghonorrhea in your eyeball.

last year i made valentines and they were fucking awesome. happy vd they said. with pictures of vd on them. pictures of vd are romantic.

i gave them to a bunch of people i didn't know at a valentines day party where i pretty much didn't know people and was completely inebriated and stumbled into a future baby room and crashed but not untill i said some really beautiful things to these girls i didn't know one of whom was mandy OH MY GOD OUR ANNIVERSARY IS ON VALENTINES DAY THAT IS ROMANTIC. in the morning the other girl told me how much it meant to her. whatever i said. GLAD I COULD BE OF HELP DURING A DRUNKEN BLACKOUT.

i don't know what i should put on my valentines this year. maybe a picture of chloe sevigny not realizing she is totally getting fucked with a fake cock. i found that picture when i googled 'boys don't cry' looking for a picture of a goth kid crying his eyeliner off so i could make a drawing of it and write depeche mode lyrics on it. too bad if i had a picture of a goth kid crying i would totally name it 'boys don't cry.' i guess other people are not like me because google images turned up no goth kids crying. not when i searched 'goth kids crying' not when i searched 'boys don't cry' and not when i searched 'boys crying their eyeliner off.' if you have a picture of a goth kid crying please send it to me so i can write 'how did I end up
so deeply involved in the very existance i planned on avoiding' on it. i know that is not depeche mode.
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