Wednesday, January 25, 2006

he gives me some knowledge i buy him some shoes

today crazy red shirt guy asked me for a dollar. crazy red shirt guy walks around screaming and being drunk all the time and he only has one shirt and it's red or else he has many red shirts and they are all dirty all the time. he's like can i ask you a favor until the end of the day i'm hungover and i really need a beer. yeah i know the feeling. except i ususally don't know the feeling at 7:30 wednesday morning. so i gave him a dollar and my dog bit his hand.

also the other day i was in oakpark and this guy walks up to me like 'i'm not trying to bother nobody but' and he tells me this long in depth story about how he got laid off blah blah blah walked up to the pads shelter on xyz street whatever whatever talked to blah blah whoever blah blah blah lives on austin right by church's chicken and just wants to get some chicken to feed his family blah blah blah. too bad THE EXACT SAME GUY TOLD ME THE EXACT SAME STORY ON THE EXACT SAME STREET CORNER LIKE ONE MONTH AGO. of course i gave him a dollar he was an excellent liar and i was totally impressed. i didn't give him any money the first time when i actually thought he needed to feed his family. what the fuck is wrong with me?
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