Thursday, January 12, 2006

the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had

you know when you wake up and feel all hungover and shit and it's fucking freezing cold and everything but then you realize it's like six am and you don't have to wake up for two hours that is the awesomest shit ever so you drink some gatorade and go back to sleep and that is heaven. except then you really do have to wake up later and you're like fuuuuck and then you look at the person sleeping next to you all covered up with down blankets and shit when you are standing there and it is so cold in your apartment your feet are even cold just from standing on the floor and it makes you want to stab the peaceful sleeping person in the head. after you pour ice water on them.

oh god falling asleep feels so fucking good with some white comfortors so if you open your eyes a little it is like you are actually floating around on feather clouds and you are like pre dreaming where you have all this random shit in your head that seems so fucking awesome and you don't even realize you're thinking it because if you did you would also realize that it doesn't make any sense and your brain is fucking crazy. songs you wrote and you can like solve the puzzle of life. fucking insane sleeping brain waves. oh god falling asleep that is the fucking best shit ever. i love falling asleep and i fucking hate waking up. i would love dying.
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