Tuesday, December 06, 2005

there is seriously nothing i want to eat in the fucking vending machine WHAT THE FUCK. i am going to invent a hot dog machine that has hot dogs in it. if a vending machine can heat up coffee there is no reason it can't heat up a hotdog for thirty seconds or whatever. also the hotdog machine will be shaped like the sears tower and there will be condiments on all the little ledges. also there will be a replica of bernie mac's face with a little button next to it that says 'push here for ketchup' and when you push it bernie mac will spit ketchup in your eyes.

there is no ketchup on a chicago style hot dog you fucking idiot.

also you can get kosher hot dogs and tofu dogs and you can also put cheese on it or you can put chili and cheese on it or you can get a corndog. you can even get sauerkraut on your hot dog. also you can get your hotdog cut up and served in a cup of baked beans. also you can get a tootsie pop out of the same machine. all the tootsie pops are purple because that is my favorite color tootsie pop. the tootsie pop will be complimentary. if you don't like tootsie pops give it to a homeless person or your kid.

hotdog vending machine mania will sweep the nation.
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