Wednesday, December 21, 2005

okay so i work with this bitch. i seriously hate this bitch so much that when she had a miscarriage last year i was like hahahahahah maybe if you weren't such a bitch your baby wouldn't have died inside you. anyway this woman is driving me so fucking insane i'm about to go throw myself down the elevator shaft. i'm trying to attach these fucking stupid ass spreadsheets i made and i am so fucking flustered that i hit some button and sent out this email with WINKING AND BLUSHING FUCKING SMILEY FACES on it. oh man. i sent them to this guy who is probably going to sue me for sexual harassment or else just think i am the biggest fucking idiot in the universe. okay i seriously wish someone would just fire me right now because i really fucking hate my job. time to jam flaming bamboo shoots under my fingernails.
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