Thursday, December 29, 2005

love with you love with you

you met someone and you didn't hate them immediately which is practically like a whole new thing for you. and maybe they were beautiful and you were like i could probably look at you for a pretty long time without getting tired. and when they talk you like don't even want them to shut up or whatever. and then they start touching you and you are like oh my god if you touch me again i am going to burst into flames please touch me again. when you're sleeping next to them you can feel your pulse behind your eyes. in the morning you can't figure out which of you is more sarcastic and you can't even tell if anything you're saying is serious or if you are speaking in secret codes. and you don't even tell them your story because you're listening to theirs actually paying attention for like the first time ever. you have inside jokes by one and when they look at you you don't say 'WHAT' like you usually do because you don't hate it and now you are in love. and you should never see them again please don't. what does that mean when you are in love with someone you don't even know not really. i don't even believe in love. fuck. i love you.
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