Friday, December 16, 2005

hot wet and all tied up

one time there was this guy at my house that was pretty gorgeous but unfortunately not dumb.

i like dumb guys. you can trick them because they are so dumb. it's easy to make them fall in love with you by making them think you don't realize how dumb they are. they pretty much know they are dumb and they hate it because honestly who wants to think about how dumb they are. i mean sometimes i think about shit like that but sometimes i also dig my fingers under my eyeballs as far as i can to see how close i can get to popping out my eyeballs without freaking out. so.

to get dumb guys to fall in love with you all you have to do is allude to the lie that they are smart. it will fill their dumb hearts with elation because they will actually believe you. then for the next month you can listen to them say the dumbest shit ever.

so this guy. he is gorgeous. except he is not dumb so i don't know what to do. so far i've been advised to talk to him a lot and like laugh and touch his arm. and then when i'm laughing and touching his arm i should rip his clothes off and start boning him. i guess i could see this working. maybe i should wear a skirt.

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