Thursday, December 01, 2005

hell no

man what the fuck i just got asked on myspace to walk on some guy. yeah this guy is looking for pretty girls to walk on him. this is why i put myspace on the list with indiana and wood paneling. the fucking so tragic it brings a tear to my eye list. ah myspace. much like meth i can't live with you can't live without you. just kidding. i could totally live without myspace. but it is like meth in that it can make you want to gouge your own eye out. i don't really do meth.

the dude is called carpetman. did you know that he worships women so much that he wants to let them walk on his body for SEVENTY DOLLARS??? why do i think i should so do this? oh yeah, because i would be getting paid for the fucking most amusing shit ever that would take like ten minutes. also if i degrade him he will pay extra. hey man get ready for ninety dollars worth of degredation and me walking on you.

hey pants when you visit me do you want to walk on this guy? seriously we could go over to his apartment and walk on him for a few hours and then we could buy so much vodka we could just pour it all over people on the street. also i bet we could get this guy to buy us french maid outfits and tasers. carpetman will love it when you're walking all over him in stilettos and i'm kneeling on his chest tasering him in the face while i tell him he flosses his teeth with his dad's cum. in french maid outfits. on the internet. we could also dance around and throw confetti on him and tell him to shut up.

thank heavens for myspace elevens best new career of 2005 french maid dominatrix walker.
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