Tuesday, December 20, 2005

do you do you wanna

why am i standing like montgomery burns in this photo i have no idea.

the only thing i want out of life is to wake up next to someone who will eat a hot dog with me and watch a documentary of slick rick and lay around all day and not take a shower i always get what i want.

all i want is to leave my own party i'll be like hey wanna leave? and he will be like yeah and then we end up at some tapas place drinking jameson and whispering about the guy at the way other side of the table and how he gave me two black eyes one time.

reggae is the worst kind of music ever all i want to do is not have to listen to reggae at a polish bar we are there only for drugs i think i do not always get what i want but almost.

after reading the soft machine i realized i am probably a literary mastermind for not using commas. probably now i can write a book and jack kerouac can write that i'm a genius of our times on the back of it. maybe william s burroughs is my secret father. likes: fucking. drugs. shooting water glasses off people's heads. dislikes: commas.

went to the smartbar saturday nobody was there for some reason. drank out of a flask because i am a trashy little girl. you know you are classy when someone calls you a trashy little girl. and you like it.

then i stole a picture of mike ditka from some hipsters because i always get what i want and what i want is a picture of mike ditka that says DITKA MUSTACHE GO on it. i thought hipsters were supposed to be geniuses with decoupage or something but this thing is not an exemplary peice of ironic hipster art. maybe they weren't hipsters. i don't know they had black hair and bangs. FAUX HIPSTERS.

sunday sucked. i didn't get anything i wanted. kill me.

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