Thursday, December 22, 2005

another wednesday night

last night i worked until seven and then i met embot and the first thing we did was buy peppermint schnapps and the next thing we did was buy hot chocolate which was actually some kind of huge ordeal because dunkin donuts was out and mcdonalds does not have large hot chocolates and they refuse to put hot chocolate in a large pop cup for you FASCIST HOT CHOCOLATE NAZIS. so we ran into the alley but all the good hiding places were covered in urine so we spiked our hot chocolate on the street and asked baby jesus where we could find the elusive daley center ice skating rink but he didn't know. what the fuck baby jesus.

i drank tequilla and my clothes did not fall off and i did a crossword puzzle on the train ride home because i am AWESOME and also a genius. also i can ice skate backwards.

i also had some beef jerky and emily brought me cupcakes and i kept on saying OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO EAT THIS CUPCAKE RIGHT NOW but then i never ate them. i am such a slut for red meat. remember how i didn't eat meat for six years? what the fuck was i thinking. i have a forty on my counter now. who wants to drink a warm forty and eat a cupcake with me.
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