Monday, November 14, 2005

went to lava on saturday for jenny rotten's birthday. some guy was hitting on girls in line for the bathroom. you know. where they can't run away. i told him he had probably reached a new low.

too bad it was so dark in there i didn't know the walls were red and i didn't know jenny's shirt was brown. everything looked fucking black to me. if jenny emailed me her pics i would post one here of me and this fat old mexican dude that gave us a big ass bag of free tamales.

free tamales are the best kind. did you know you are not supposed to eat the corn husk? took the tamales to exit and set up a tamale station on the bar with hot sauce and shit. watched some british kid eat his first ever tamale.

yes we went to exit. EXIT. this is where all the daywalkers hang out. where the fuck is wesely snipes???

did you know this mcdonalds charges for condiments? also no walk ups to the drive thru window. FASCIST MCDONALDS.

friday i went to a party. i don't want to say it was boring but i will say it was the kind of party where it seems like you might as well run into the alley and play with garbage. okay i'll say it. it was boring. it can't not rain all the time.

woke up at 7am and walked to the great love of my life's house. then i slept some more. there. he has this one super soft pillow it's like the best pillow i've ever encountered in life. i've coveted that fucking pillow since i was 15. AND NOW IT IS ALL MINE HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

sundays are like black holes. fuck me over on sunday and i'll never even remember it.
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