Thursday, November 17, 2005

wednesday bloody wednesday

chet riley had an art show yesterday. mad love to chet 'serpico' riley.

so i went to that with a friend but we got there early and it was freezing and it was snowing and we were starving so we ate at harolds chicken and then the car got towed.

we had to pick up the car at an underground tow lot downtown. we had to go inside a trailer. a trailer that was floor to ceiling wood paneling. wood paneling totally freaks the fuck out of me. one time i walked into this guys house that had wood paneling and also precious moments figurines. uh oh, i said. am i in hell? it turned out i wasn't in hell and i think that i am now desensitized to wood paneling otherwise this place probably would have given me a stroke. we didn't get the car. i went back to columbia and mandy picked me up. it was cold as fuck outside.

i left my backpack in the car. jenny rotten picked me up and we went to the double door. still fucking cold outside. she paid for me. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR FOR GOOD TIMES AND BAD TIMES.

damien met us up there. british people are fucking adorable. KEEP SMILING KEEP SHINING KNOWING YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON ME FOR SURE. say it elton. pay for my red stripes and i will drink you under the table. damien used to live in a condemned estate called scum manor with a kid named fuck off phil. fuck off phil sold his soul to satan for his death metal voice. FUUUUUUUUUCK OFFFFFFFFFFF!

we saw some band jenny was friends with and then we saw some band called paper bullets or something i don't know if they were really that good but i totally have a crush on the girl now. like i wanted to run onstage and squeeze her and then kick her in the cunt. then we would be best friends and we could have sleepovers and eat burritos together. then we saw some other band and damien started screaming at them. i think he called them wankers and then dirty crackers or something and then he said 'where's the loo?' oh my god british people.
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