Friday, November 11, 2005

twenty seven out of forty

psychology makes you uncomfortable. and it should.

at school i learn to be god. i can make you say shit you don't believe and i can make you believe it. i can make you do shit you don't want to do and i can make you think you enjoyed it. i can make you tell me things you don't even know you're telling me.

i can do this because you are all the same. and i'm the same too.

sixty five percent of you would electrocute someone if stanley milgram told you to. you're like no i wouldn't. yeah, yeah you would. does that make you uncomfortable?

you don't want to be that simple. you don't want me to be able to predict your behavior but i can because you are not different. we are all simple and so easy to figure out.

look at all the things we can make people do.

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