Friday, November 18, 2005

last night i was sitting at a stop light on chicago and central and i saw a big yellow sign that said 'i AM living in a nice neighborhood.' that is fucking awesome. hey i AM living in a nice neighborhood.

i go to school in the middle of the projects.

too bad when i first started school there i didn't have a parking pass yet so i parked my car in front of these apartment buildings and walked like three blocks to class and then one day i noticed they were pretty shitty apartment buildings and then i realized they were actually projects and then i realized OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN PARKING MY CAR AND WALKING THROUGH THE PROJECTS FOR THE PAST FOUR DAYS.

see that white car in there? it's probably mine.

one day i met this pregnant girl who had moved and didn't know that many of the projects had been torn down. she'd come back to see her friends but her old building wasn't there anymore. she had never heard the name erin before and she decided she was going to name her baby erin but her boyfriend wanted to name it porsche so she kept repeating erin porsche anne! i wonder if she really named her baby after me.

i DO go to school in a nice neighborhood.
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