Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i saw everyone on friday. EVERYONE. al's birthday party was at smartbar and he spun and so did miles and benny the mooch was there working on illustrations in vip and schmoozing me into giving him money and billy was there standing behind me for 40 minutes probably waiting for me to acknowledge him and some kid i call chicken head was there bobbing his head like a chicken and tyrel was there being in general gorgeous and charming and laura and jenny rotten and xani bar were there and we danced like maniacs.

check it out i'm wearing earrings, can you tell xani bar dressed me?

it kind of sucked i cut all my hair off so i couldn't whip it all over people. i can still thrash my hair all over the place but i can no longer sting people in their eyes with it if they get to close to me and that fucking sucks.

miles and al spun awesome. like every good song i ever wanted to hear and i didn't have to wait in line and i didn't have to pay and i didn't end up stumbling around behind dumpsters even though i did get fucked to hell on vodka gimlets and lemon drops. i did go home and sit on my porch and eat a hotdog and xani bar did sleep in my bed with me but she didn't punch me in the face while i was sleeping so i guess friday night was a smashing success.

then on saturday my brother gave me a rubber chicken that lays an egg with a yolk in it and everything. i'm totally obsessed with rubber chickens. then jessica and tim came over and we passed around a bottle of jager and walked to a party. passing around a bottle of jager and walking to a party is pretty much awesome. we walked past my friend kris kristofferson on the way there (yes i have a friend named kris kristofferson) and he didn't recognize me either because i had on a pink wig or because he was totally fucked.

we went to a party and to another party and people were dressed up like ups men and hunter thompson and cheeterah and shit and people stumbled into the party drunker than i was and i took pity on them and let them sleep on my couch and nobody brought me a burrito or a tombstome pizza and then when i went to bed there were people in it but i was tired so i just dove in between them and slept. in the morning the girl was gone. maybe she woke up in my bed with a guy and a girl and thought 'OH NO WHAT DID I DO???'

sunday was sunday. i woke up way too early and got pissed at daylight savings time. FUCK YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I AM JET LAGGED. daylight savings is totally the reason for my jet lagged-ness. it has nothing to do with the fact that i am a binge drinking junior alcoholic weekend warrior insomniac. nothing at all. then i hung out with my husband and talked about the cure (boys don't cry? yeah right, pretty sure robert smith cries all the time) and niko (glad she overdosed so we don't have to hear any more of her shit).

today i have to go to a funeral but this weekend i did a pretty good job of distracting myself.
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