Friday, November 04, 2005

i love my car but fuck it

my liscence plates expired in 2004 isn't that awesome? fuck getting new stickers for my stupid liscence plates it's like if you have a car the stupid state and city and whatever thinks it can financially rape the shit out of you or something like the stupid car costs like however much, mine cost like 8k or something. too bad it was supposed to be like 11 and the only reason i got it for 8 was because i went in there like i want this car and i want to pay 8 for it including tax and title and i want to pay cash for it and i want it right now. damn it feels good to be a gangster. then i had to buy some fucking liscence plates for it that expire every year. whatever i refuse to fucking pay them money every year so my car can wear an id with the right colored sticker on it. that shit is stupid. there is nothing wrong with my yellow sticker that says june 04 on it. i'll get a new one when the old one falls off or something.

car insurance fucking pisses me off so bad i have to pay state farm like $700 every six months what the fuck i think i've paid state farm enough money i could have just bought a whole new car and that shit sucks. i should be like state farm's wet dream because they never have to do shit for me like i've never even been in an accident and i just keep sending them money. too bad if i had all the money i've ever sent them in the bank collecting interest i wouldn't even need car insurance because i'd have a shitload of money and if i ever wrecked someone's car i could just buy them a new one. oh wait i would still need insurance because it's illegal to drive without it. fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

fuck chicago and their stupid sticker they make me put on my car to show that i paid $120 for the priveledge of having a car in their stupid city. why in the fuck do i have to pay taxes on having a car that i fucking paid taxes on already when i fucking bought the fucking thing. and if you live in cook county and you buy a car in like kane county or whatever because you don't want to pay the astronomical cook county sales tax guess what they make you pay it anyway. then if you want to drive anywhere you have to pay taxes on the fucking gas you buy and then you have to pay taxes into a fucking tollbooth if you want to drive down the stupid expressways that make you want to kill yourself because traffic is so bad.

man having a car makes me want to kill myself and i fucking love my car. my car is fucking awesome i bought it myself and i fucking love driving i want to be a race car driver. plus i can listen to music in my car that i can never listen to anywhere else because i don't want anyone ever to know i like it. like the pixies. my brother doesn't even know i like the pixies. oh wait i guess he does now, hi eric.

last time i had a car it died in my parking lot also i lost my sticker that says i can park there so stupid lovetts towing wanted to tow my car and i'm like seriously guys i fucking live here and my car is dead so if you tow it i am going to be totally fucked so they didn't tow it but then like two hours later they did. what the fuck. so then i went to go pick it up and the stupid lady wouldn't take a check so i'm like okay i can cash a check and come back and she's like we're closing so i'm like i guess i can't get my car tonight then and she's like if you wait it is going to be like sixty extra dollars. what the fuck else am i supposed to do but wait i do not have any cash it's not like i'm bluffing and i have all this fucking cash in my sock or some shit you fucking idiot!!! so then i went back the next day and the stupid lady pissed me off so bad i was just like you know what i am not giving you any fucking money so you can just keep my car. she's like okay can you sign the title over? HELL NO I AM NOT SIGNING THE TITLE OVER TO YOU I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!!! so then i just left my car there forever. that's the story of how i didn't have a car for like three years then.

so yesterday i was pulling into the parking lot at school and out of nowhere my car jerks down all weird and makes this crashing noise i'm like OH MY GOD DID I JUST RUN OVER A CHILD??? no i just got a flat tire from nothing because god hates me. i seriously wonder if i should just abandon my car in the parking lot and never pick it up. that is pretty much how i make all my decisions in life. fuck. shit is not going how i like it? fuck it. when life hands you some shit just say fuck it and eat some motherfuckin candy.
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