Monday, November 28, 2005

i got a ride home from a guy who calls his blog the bus blog

i'm at the computer lab right now waiting for some shit to print out and this fucking fuck is printing out 150 pages of giant charts that is taking like 40 minutes WHAT THE FUCK.

me and jessica met tony pierce this weekend. i almost pissed myself on the train and ended up peeing all over the side of some people's house and then i walked into the bar and right away i spilled a drink on some lady who probably hates me. also i repeatedly bashed tony in the head with a peice of plastic and then jessica told on me for smoking where i wasn't supposed to and i put my cigarette out on the waiter's tray and i think he hated me.

i don't think tony hated me even though i told him i liked raymi's blog better and i think i accused him of being conservative or something. he bought me a hot dog.

we also went to some country bar that made me feel like i was in a movie. jessica stole some candy.

tony thinks he could beat us at scrabble YEAH RIGHT.

also jessica made me steal a bunch of shit. i would never steal anything on my own accord. oh no.

i don't remember what i did on friday. what the fuck did i do on friday? it must have been something really fucking fantastic as i don't remember it at all.

anyway tony was really cool i didn't have that high of hopes because sometimes you meet people you know from the internet (carl)and you end up wanting to murder them but i didn't want to murder tony at all and i had so much fun i would even go to a cubs game with him even though i hate the cubs. so meet people from blogs even if it makes you feel like a giant geek. yeah right i never feel like a giant geek i think i am COOL AS FUCK and if i'm reading blogs i think they must be COOL AS FUCK also. it's my fatal flaw.
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