Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i am mike tv

good thing i watch enough tv to know what will probably happen on thanksgiving.

before dinner with the fake family my fake oldest brother will keep coming up to me like 'psst, meet niko in the third floor study' or whatever but every time i try to run off my fake mom puts a bowl in my hands and is like would you mind mashing these potatoes or snapping these stringbeans or something. of course it won't go unnoticed that fake oldest brother keeps whispering to me and the rumor starts that there is SOMETHING GOING ON. everyone will think i am a homewrecking cunt shark and they will all start acting weird to me BUT I WON'T KNOW WHY. finally the truth will come out and it will be a great comedic relief HA HA HA. a valuable lesson will be learned by all about honesty and friendship. AWWWW.


i could have all my friends from school over to my apartment and IT WOULD BE JUST LIKE THAT SHOW FELICITY. it would be like a coming of age event like even though we are all in graduate school jason never became a man until i saw him carve a turkey or something. because we are trying to be like REAL ADULTS we would have to try making a turkey and fail miserably and i would cry because I FAILED AT ADULTHOOD and then other people would start crying because their mothers are meth addicted whores and this is the nicest thanksgiving they've ever had and then we will all laugh and hug each other and order a pizza and sing that's what friends are for. AND IF I SHOULD EVER GO AWAY WELL THEN CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TRY TO FEEL THE WAY WE DO TODAY AND THEN IF YOU CAN REMEMBER.

choose your own adventure: zany sitcom or wb drama.
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