Tuesday, November 29, 2005

girls steal

i may or may not have stolen a hat this weekend. it's navy blue. it has a patch on it. the patch has a flying ear of corn and it says DEKALB on it. i lived in dekalb for many years. it is snowing today. i wore the hat to work. the hat is AWESOME. mandy has hairspray that smells like pez. i used it today. sorry mandy. my hair smells like pez. now this hat smells like pez. i think this hat belongs to someone who lives los angeles. is it snowing today in los angeles? NO. is he going to give this hat the love and respect it deserves, and keep it smelling like pez? I DOUBT IT. okay i guess i should give the hat back but that doesn't mean i'm not going to cry about it.

i also stole a glass this weekend. tony had a picture of it on his blog.

stealing a glass doesn't even count as stealing. stealing three glasses doesn't even count as stealing but it makes your purse fucking heavy as hell.

i was wearing a bracelet i stole. jessica was wearing a bracelet i stole. jessica stole some candy from a country singer.

girls steal.
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