Tuesday, November 08, 2005

fucken fate, boy

okay this weekend i was trying to watch laguna beach and the stupid satellite decided it didn't want me to have mtv anymore. you know what why the fuck do i say such stupid shit like 'my satelite doesn't want me to watch laguna beach' i need to stop giving human qualities such as desire to inanimate objects i am not four years old. it is obviously fate that i did not watch laguna beach. i feel much better now.

i thought maybe instead of watching laguna beach i was supposed to work on my factor analysis paper. or watch law and order on tnt. probably if i wasn't supposed to watch law and order on tnt it wouldn't have been on for seven fucking hours. i hope i get a sign that it is time to work on my paper soon. it's due on thursday. i will know it's time when a giant lightbulb comes shooting out of my head.

believing in fate is fucking awesome. fuck yes i don't have to do anything but sit around and wait for shit to happen to me. the fucked up part is that i don't think anything spectacular is really in the cards for me because as soon as i entrusted my life to fate i haven't been inspired to do anything besides drink and not go to work.

oops too bad as soon as i started believing in fate my iq dropped 40 points. now i am too stupid to figure out why people who believe in fate suck at life.
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