Friday, November 11, 2005

don't i know you?

i got the best email today okay it wasn't an email it was a myspace message yes i am back on myspace. suck it. anyway i got this message today from this guy i didn't recognize:

no subject

I think I poured hot candle wax on you once.

So how is Erin Gaia these days. I heard you were a Jew.

i take back everything i ever said about myspace. only something truly beautiful can reintroduce you to the people who poured hot candle wax on you when you were 18.

what a truly glorious invention that lets you find out what people who asked you to the prom are up to: posing for homoerotic black and white photos.

even though you looked like zach morris i am more glad than ever that i did not go to the prom with you.

re: no subject

yes i am a jewess. do you hate me now?

i have some pictures of you. in a dress.
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