Friday, November 18, 2005



if i write some shit on monday about going to some hipster birthday party at a super secret undisclosed location or about going to a cosby sweater party (i don't even know what the fuck that is) make sure you leave me a comment that says HEY RETARD NICE JOB MISSING THE LOFT PARTY TO DO SOMETHING TOTALLY LAME YOU ARE SERIOUSLY RETARDED TO THE EXTREME.

so much better than a house party it's bigger and doesn't look all gay with gay magnet poetry all over the fridge or gay gel candles or whatever and louder and you get to listen to real music that is not gay. better than a bar because everything is all free and shit and all your friends are there and you don't have to look at a bunch of dumb mirrors that say sam adams on them or whatever. and you don't have to listen to morrisey or whatever the hell you call the idiot that sings that stupid brown eyed girl song i hate that song it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. it's a good song for brown eyed girls to not feel so bad about the fact that their eyes are not interesting or beautiful AT ALL. practically everyone i look at tells me i have beautiful eyes. brown eyed girls on the other hand only get told they have beautiful eyes by their boyfriends and van morrison.

was i talking about loft parties?
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