Thursday, October 06, 2005

yes indeedy. i wrote graffiti on the bus.

i'm sick to deff y'all and i don't have the internet at my new apartment yet. fuuuuck.

i'm laying around naked with my dirty secret. we fuck then we blow our noses and drink five alive and then we fuck again. sexy.

i'm like vodka is the ointment and he's like let's get some. i'm like can we get some cough syrup too? and then can you asphyxiate me later? he's like i should marry you later.

we forgot to get anything to mix the vodka with so we had vodka and beers. it was kind of like vodka and red bull but better because we were so sick we couldn't taste it anyway. then we had some cough syrup. then we had more vodka. then we had some vodka and cough syrups. that was my genius idea.

we took a boombox outside and sat in the alley leaning against a fence and listening to old rare tapes.

i was drunk and high off vodka and cough syrup and hip hop and my mind was blurry and i thought about how i've been in love with this boy since i was 15 and i always leave and come back and i should probably leave right now before i destroy it and there's nothing to come back to. i don't leave.

he says i'm going to marry you later. he says i thought you were the girl who would go along with anything. i say i am. he says let's get married tomorrow. i look at the sky and say tomorrow is today. when we put our clothes back on there were pigeon feathers all over them.

i was drunk and high off vodka and cough syrup and love (what is love am i in it) and my mind was blurry and we got on a bus and filled out a marriage licence. we were laughing the whole time.

we did not know that illinois has special rules like 24 hour waiting periods so people who are drunk and high off vodka and cough syrup and love (and now the world around me gets to moving in slow motion) can not make a proper mockery of marriage until the next day when they are sober and not stupid. HA HA STATE OF ILLINOIS, I AM ALWAYS STUPID!!!

getting married on friday is going to be hilarious. i don't know what i am going to wear.

the moral of this story is that if you want to marry a girl that never wanted to get married all you have to do is make it a game and a challenge. anyway, if a super secret marriage tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it are you REALLY married? yes, but you can get a divorce for like fifty bucks, it's true, i saw a sign on the blue line today.

today when i got to work there was a feather on my keyboard. what the fuck.

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