Wednesday, October 26, 2005

please explain this to me

a history of violence. it's like the retarded flipper baby of a long kiss goodnight and cape fear except it doesn't have samuel l jackson or robert deniro in it and it sucks.

that shit was good up until the ending that wasn't an ending because guess what after it ended it wasn't really over they got like a whole new plot or something. a whole new plot that was stupid as hell and started to remind me of a walker texas ranger episode. if i want to watch walker i can do that shit for free on sunday afternoon or whatever. i'm certainly not paying $8 for that shit.

can someone please explain to me why people liked this movie?

then i saw this kid i know at the movie theater. this kid named max that dresses up like a skinhead except he's against racism.

can someone please explain this to me? i'm against racism too maybe i should start wearing a fucking hood on my head like the ku klux klan i hate racism so much. except i could wear a fucking red pin on it like to show that i am not in fact cut from the same cloth as a klan member. it is simply my clothes that are cut from the same cloth.

i'm just kidding. don't really explain this to me.

it's so hard being smarter than like 94% of idiots around me. sigh.
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